About NumericaIdeas and its Network

NumericaIdeas is a technical community that creates opportunities for IT professionals, where you’ll secure your dream job, and indeed the group through which you can develop your hard and soft skills at your own pace. Our motto is “Discover, Learn, Build, & Share”.

We are not a training platform, but we are doing a lot of free mentoring sessions for people learning by using training materials created by other organizations. We started our journey to build a network of professionals to grow our free knowledge-sharing community that’ll give you a chance to learn interesting things about topics like Cloud Computing, Software Development, and Solutions Architecture.

Does this speak to you? If YES, feel free to Join our Discord Server to stay in touch with the community and be part of independently organized events.

⭐ Please note that any contribution to our community will be considered voluntary and free. Any content (article, video, and post) shared on our social media channels will not be compensated, unless mentioned. If you do not wish to have your content shared, please refrain from contributing. Thanks.

✳️ We adopted a multilingual (English & Français) presence on social media with the following accounts:

=== English ===
➡️ Blog            : https://blog.numericaideas.com
➡️ Discord      : https://discord.numericaideas.com
➡️ YouTube     : https://www.youtube.com/@numericaideas
➡️ Twitter        : https://twitter.com/numericaideas
➡️ Facebook   : https://facebook.com/numericaideas
➡️ LinkedIn     : https://www.linkedin.com/company/numericaideas

=== Français ===
➡️ Discord       : https://discord.numericaideas.com
➡️ YouTube     : https://www.youtube.com/@NumericaIdeasFr
➡️ Twitter        : https://twitter.com/NumericaIdeasFr
➡️ Facebook   : https://facebook.com/NumericaIdeasFr
➡️ LinkedIn     : https://www.linkedin.com/company/numericaideas-fr

Your contributions are precious and some are awarded at the end of each year, Thank you for making NumericaIdeas shine ⚡️