Virtual Team Boost

Passive learning has proven its limit, that’s why we suggest a more dynamic approach in which a few of our engineers join forces with you for a short time to boost your team knowledge, hands-in-hand.

Numerica Ideas Mentoring Program


Some of our experts could work with your team members for a few weeks to boost their technical skills to safely advance your projects. They’ll learn by doing with us.

Our Pillars


We believe in shaping well-rounded professionals ready to face most of the tech challenges.


Documenting the important things to help the entire team once we leave.


By sharing, we’ll make sure the success of the team is at least at 90%.


We have a simple pricing plan, usually $9500 for 3 experienced software engineers working for a full week.

You may have a different quotation depending on your needs, submit your TEAM BOOST request first.

100% REFUND in case we don't reach the goal, YES REALLY!


Here are a few numbers about our virtual team boost service

Teams boosted
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We used Numerica Ideas to strengthen our IT team. From our collaboration, we retain their: diligence in meeting deadlines, good monitoring of the current project, and very modern coding techniques. We recommend their services for all your IT projects because they have a young, dynamic, and rigorous team.
Numerica Ideas Testimony by Cecilia Wangue
Cecilia Wangue
Web Developer

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