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Looking to advance your tech career? Or for clarification about a tech topic? Look no further! The Numerica Ideas’s Tech Mentorship program offers industry-leading coaching and mentoring to fuel your success in the IT industry.

Numerica Ideas Mentoring Program

It is cheap to say that building a Tech Career is easy. In contrary, it’s a difficult process and it’s even harder if we are on the wrong direction since there are many other doors inside that big box. Having a mentor is in fact a way to navigating these with assurance alongside someone who is aware of some mistakes and challenges that you may be facing.

Numerica Ideas Mentoring KPI

Why "Ni Tech Mentorship" Stands out?

Expert Guidance: Benefit from our seasoned mentors, industry leaders with a proven track record. Gain insights beyond textbooks and leverage real-world experience.

🎯 Customized Learning: Say goodbye to generic advice! Our mentors craft personalized learning paths based on your goals, ensuring every session is a step towards your dream career.

🌐 Diverse Specializations: Whether it’s Software Development, Cloud Architecture, AI, DevOps Engineering, Mobile Development, Data Science, Cybersecurity, or other tech niches, our mentors cover it all. Access expertise that aligns with your aspirations.

🤝 Interactive Sessions: Engage in one-on-one sessions, workshops, and real-world projects for a dynamic learning experience. Theory meets practice for effective skill development.

📈 Career Acceleration: Fast-track your growth with strategic advice on job hunting, resume building, and interview preparation. Our mentors guide you professionally.

Hard and Soft Skills

In today’s tech-driven world, success goes beyond technical proficiency; it requires a balance of hard and soft skills. In our Tech Mentorship program, we recognize the significance of this dual emphasis. By nurturing both technical expertise and essential soft skills such as communication and adaptability, we prepare our mentees to not only excel in their respective fields but also to thrive in collaborative and dynamic work environments.

Our Pillars


A career-focused program that positions you at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of technology.


We believe in shaping well-rounded professionals ready to face most of the tech challenges.


Committed to fostering a vibrant community where diverse talents connect, learn, and thrive.


We have impacted dozens of people tech careers through mentoring, coaching, and technical assessments sessions

Here are a few numbers about our mentoring and coaching activities

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Years of Activity


Orleando Dassi is an exceptional mentor who has made a profound impact on my journey in web development. Throughout a year-long mentorship, their passionate guidance has been instrumental. Their remarkable teaching style simplifies complex concepts, fostering a conducive learning environment. Patient and supportive, Dassi's unwavering dedication allowed me to overcome challenges and develop a strong foundation in this dynamic field.
Numerica Ideas Testimony by Renaud Lefebvre
Renaud Lefebvre
Web Developer

Our Mentors

Benefit from our seasoned mentors, industry leaders with a proven track record. Gain insights beyond textbooks and leverage real-world experience.

Orleando Dassi


Embrace the power of mentorship to have a safe career path. As someone who benefited from mentors, I’m passionate about propelling your career forward efficiently. Let’s navigate the tech landscape together, saving you time and accelerating your success.

I’m a Solutions Architect with 10 years of experience who is constantly learning while impacting the community by producing technical articles/videos, building projects, and conducting tech mentoring/coaching sessions. What describes me the most is my flexibility. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

My first-ever mentee is soon to be a Senior Software Engineer, and during the previous years, I coached and mentored junior, intermediate, and Senior profiles on career-wide and precise technical topics to boost their ways so that they could reach their goals or deploy their full potentials.

Orleando has been instrumental in my journey as a freelancer on Upwork, where I have already started securing significant contracts independently. Orleando is undeniably an exceptional mentor, and I am profoundly grateful for his invaluable assistance throughout my career.
Numerica Ideas Testimony by Kemane Donfack
Kemane Donfack
Cloud & DevOps Engineer
Coached UpWork Freelancers

I have been impacting the careers of dozens of professionals, even those interested in jumping on Freelance through UpWork, a talent marketplace where I have been a Top Rated Plus (top 3% higher performers) freelancer

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My most successful UpWork mentee earned close to $10k and is a Top-Rated freelancer (top 10% higher performers)

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Choose your plan

Our experience and customer reviews demonstrated that long-term (YEARLY) commitments and follow-ups are better to reach interesting goals. If your desire a short-term thing, feel free to pick the Single or Monthly plan.


One 1:1 Call ~1h
Actionable Plan
Access to All Free Courses
Access to All Paid Courses (Value: $599)
Detailed Monthly Report
$ 149


Weekly 1:1 Calls ~50h
Actionable Plan
Access to All Free Courses
Access to All Paid Courses (Value: $599)
Detailed Monthly Report
30% discount compared to monthly
$3500 $ 2499
30% discount compared to monthly


Weekly 1:1 Calls ~4h
Actionable Plan
Access to All Free Courses
Access to All Paid Courses (Value: $599)
Detailed Monthly Report
$ 299

Paid courses are published as they are produced or held.

What we Offer

Schedule one-on-one sessions at your convenience. No rigid schedules, learn at your own pace.

Professional Goals

Define and achieve your professional goals with precision. Our mentors collaborate with you to create a customized roadmap that aligns with your aspirations, ensuring each step you take contributes directly to your success in the tech industry.

Craft and realize your professional goals with meticulous detail. Our mentors collaborate closely with you to forge a tailored roadmap, ensuring each stride aligns directly with your aspirations for success in the dynamic tech industry.

Remote Setup

Enjoy the convenience of the weekly one-on-one call with your mentor, providing dedicated time to address queries, receive guidance, and make tangible progress, all from the comfort of your preferred workspace.

Immerse yourself in a seamlessly connected learning experience through our remote setup. Engage in weekly one-on-one calls with your mentor, providing dedicated time to address questions, receive invaluable guidance, and make tangible progress—all from the convenience of your chosen workspace.

Personalized Plan

No one-size-fits-all here! Receive a personalized learning plan to match your unique strengths, interests, and career objectives. Our mentors tailor the curriculum to ensure every step aligns with your learning style, personality, and goals.

Experience a learning journey uniquely crafted for you. Receive a personalized learning plan meticulously designed to match your distinctive strengths, interests, and career objectives. Our mentors curate the curriculum to ensure that each session harmonizes with your learning style, propelling your growth with maximum efficiency.

Career Development

Save time on your career journey with our mentorship program. Benefit from the wisdom and experiences of seasoned professionals who are successfully navigating the tech landscape by tapping into their insights and avoiding common pitfalls.

Efficiently navigate your career journey with our mentorship program. Benefit from the wealth of wisdom and experiences shared by seasoned professionals who have (or who are) successfully navigated the ever-evolving tech landscape. Propel your career forward by tapping into their insights, sidestepping common pitfalls, and gaining a decisive competitive edge.

Tech Resources

At no additional fees, access a wealth of tech resources that complement your mentorship experience. Our platform provides curated materials, industry insights, and cutting-edge tools, enhancing your learning journey.

Many tech resources enhance your mentorship journey. Our platform provides access to curated materials, industry insights, and cutting-edge tools that enrich your learning experience. Join a dynamic community where mentorship is complemented by an array of internal/external resources including blogs, books, and custom-made training.

Optimized Experience

We respect the value of your time. Our mentorship program is strategically designed for an optimized learning experience, ensuring that every interaction contributes meaningfully to your skill development and career advancement.

Respect for your time is at the core of our mentorship program. We've strategically designed an optimized learning experience where every interaction contributes significantly to your skill development and career advancement. Maximize your learning potential efficiently and expedite your journey to success.

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