Numies is the NumericaIdeas Awards conducted each year-end to celebrate a few top contributors who worked toward the vision of the NumericaIdeas professional network while impacting more people and differentiating themselves by their commitments and presence.


Numerica Ideas

NumericaIdeas is a technical community that creates opportunities for IT professionals, where you’ll secure your dream job, and indeed the group through which you can develop your hard and soft skills at your own pace.

We started our journey to build a network of professionals to grow our knowledge-sharing community that will allow you to learn interesting things about topics like Cloud Computing, Software Development, Solutions Architecture, Tech Leadership, and Career Development.


Contributions Possibilities

The community grows because of you, it takes many people to build a GREAT place in which people can grow.

There are a lot of activities that you can contribute to within the community, the idea is to help others grow while sharpening your hard and soft skills at the same time.

Become an Author

Start to learn and write at the same time while being featured on our blog.

Tutorial Videos

Not only text but we also publish pre-recorded videos on YouTube and social media.


Yes, the Podcast activity is coming soon so you can be one of our guests.


Sharing our content on social media to get us noticed by more people.

Technical Speaker

Speak at some conferences, meetup, or workshops that we organize often.

Pair Interviews

Be the interviewee or interviewer during video technical assessments.

Discord Server

Being an active member of our Discord server is something that we value.


Each like, comment, and content re-use (by crediting us) are also valuable contributions.

Award Gifts

We are looking to increase the award packages for the nominees and winners. If you would like to sponsor us in that way, feel free to reach us at

Premium Resources

Access to premium resources created by the community. It could be courses, tutorials, modules, templates, applications … etc.

Coaching and Mentoring

Free mentoring and coaching sessions to optimize your career or boost your hard skills.

Certification Fees

Some certification fees are covered up to $100 to boost our most valuable members to go further with their skills.

Job Recommendations

Being on the priority list of our job recommendation possibilities.

Thank you!

Your contributions are precious and some are awarded at the end of each year, Thank you for making NumericaIdeas shine ⚡️

Click on the link below if you are willing to be part of the adventure …

Numerica Ideas Mentoring Program

Tech Mentorship

Looking to advance your tech career? Or for clarification about a tech topic? Look no further! The Numerica Ideas’s Tech Mentorship program offers industry-leading coaching and mentoring to fuel your success in the IT industry.

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