What is Numies?

Numies is the NumericaIdeas Awards conducted each year-end to celebrate a few top contributors who worked toward the vision of the NumericaIdeas professional network while impacting more people and differentiating themselves by their commitments and presence.

For this first edition, for the year 2022, only two categories have been proposed: AWS and Solutions Architecture.

The Winners?

Ismael Messa won the Numies in the AWS category, he essentially contributed to many public and private projects ranging from POC samples, technical writing, and building microservices to keep our blogging infrastructure up and running.

Top Contributor 2022 Ismael Messa
Top Contributor 2022-Ismael Messa

Orleando Dassi is awarded the Numies for the Solutions Architecture category, for being well-aligned with the shared vision of the professional network, with his diverse commitments he impacted the whole technical vision of NumericaIdeas knowledge-sharing community, built samples Apps architectures, wrote technical articles, and designed the platform infrastructure.

Top Contributor 2022 Orleando Dassi
Top Contributor 2022 Orleando Dassi

The Prizes?

As a motivation to keep them sharpening their skills and still contributing to the community, each is being given the following:

  • Two paid certifications/courses (AWS, Udemy), valued at $200 in total.
  • NumericaIdeas’s T-shirt and hat.
  • A new badge role in the Discord community: Top Contributor.

How to Contribute to Ni’s Network?

NumericaIdeas people are big believers in the Learn In Public way of thinking, it’s essentially our culture. That means, to be seen as impactful in the community you have to discoverlearn, build, and share; and no matter how small you think your contribution is it’ll surely help someone to level up.

The most interesting part resides in your sharing ability, also being more of a creator than a consumer is always a big plus. How comfortable are you to have your content or ideas viewed by thousands (actual) or millions (the goal) of persons online? You don’t need to be perfect for that, more details are being provided in this article well-written by Swyx.

In case you want to be part of the chain, here is a list of a few contributions that the community is focusing on at the moment:

  • Suggest ideas to expand the NumericaIdeas network of professionals.
  • Write technical articles and provide value to our readers.
  • Put us in contact with sponsors to support the movement.
  • Become an author and be featured in the Blog.
  • Speak at organized Meetups events.
  • Be part of Workshops to host or attend tech topics discussions.
  • Do pre-recorded videos uploaded to our YouTube (English & Français) channels.
  • Pair Interviews for Software Jobs: be the interviewee or interviewer for technical assessments.
  • Sharing our content (articles and videos) on social media to get us noticed.
  • Re-using our content by crediting us.
  • Be active in the Discord community.
  • Committing to our tech projects.

More info is available on GitHub.

The Mission

NumericaIdeas is a technical community that creates opportunities for IT professionals, where you’ll secure your dream job, and indeed the group through which you can develop your hard and soft skills at your own pace. Our motto is “Discover, Learn, Build, & Share”.

We are not a training platform, but we are doing a lot of free mentoring sessions for people learning by using training materials created by other organizations. We started our journey to build a network of professionals to grow our free knowledge-sharing community that’ll give you a chance to learn interesting things about topics like Cloud Computing, Software Development, and Solutions Architecture.

Does this speak to you? If YES, feel free to Join our Discord Server to stay in touch with the community and be part of independently organized events.


About Numerica Ideas

NumericaIdeas is a tech community that creates opportunities for IT professionals via skills enhancement, networking, and job recommendations.