Monthly Recap #10


All the activities, including blog posts, videos, and meetups performed during April 2024 are listed below.

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In April 2024, exactly 1 article was published on the blog and 0 video was released on YouTube. In case you missed it, here’s the summary below.


No new videos, but we invite you to watch this valuable one again, talking about “Tech Career: Should You Specialize Sooner or Later?“.


Writers Leaderboard

The 5 most-read writers of the month are:

  1. Orleando Dassi
  2. Kemane Donfack
  3. Wilfred Chetat Yeku
  4. Chris KOUAKAM
  5. Ismael Messa
NumericaIdeas Tech Writers Leaderboard

Contributors List

The community members who actively contributed to this month’s activities are:

Feel free to open this page to learn about our activities and contribution possibilities.

This is the result of the community’s teamwork and giving back mentality, so we’ll never stop saying THANKS to you ALL CONTRIBUTORS who produced, reviewed, liked, and shared our content.

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