How I Became a Software Engineer with No University Degree or Experience


This video gives you some insights on how you could start your tech career, or more precisely your software engineering journey, landing your first job with no experience, all this without any university degree.

A true story from Orleando Dassi’s experience about “How I Became a Software Engineer Without a Computer Science Degree”. I didn’t drop out as I got my Bachelor’s degree roughly 2 years later the day I started working and now I have 10 years of experience in this field. I don’t mean it’s easy, it’s a tough process but it’s VERY possible.


  • 00:00 – Context
  • 00:29 – Competition
  • 02:18 – You are Recruited for Your Value
  • 02:49 – My Story, Portfolio, and Resources
  • 04:47 – Be Consistent
  • 05:16 – Socialization & Recommendation: meetups, confs, blog
  • 06:22 – Be Creative: Beyond the Courses
  • 06:52 – Be Part of a Community

About Orleando Dassi

I'm a Solutions Architect with 10 years of experience who is constantly learning while impacting the community by producing technical articles/videos, building projects, and conducting tech mentoring/coaching sessions. What describes me the most is my flexibility. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.