Ngrok Tunneling: Open your Localhost to The World

Open your Localhost to The World


Localhost tunneling is a technique that consists of creating an open channel for a Localhost environment to be discoverable from outside, it helps to open localhost to the world so that people can call locally deployed Apps.

It’s used mainly to quickly show App to people without the burden of deploying it remotely, for quick demos for example. This video intends to give you enough details about Ngrok, which is one of the most used and popular tool for Localhost tunneling.


  • 00:00 – Start
  • 00:25 – What’s Localhost?
  • 01:49 – What is Ngrok?
  • 03:26 – Step 1: Install and use Ngrok
  • 06:34 – Step 2: Securing Ngrok Tunnel
  • 07:09 – Step 3: Observe Traffic with Ngrok
  • 07:51 – Bonus 1: Ngrok dashboard: endpoints and static domain
  • 09:01– Ngrok alternatives
  • 09:37– The end

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