The 5-Step Tech Jobs Application Framework to Apply in 2024


Let’s go through the 5 steps Job Application Framework that I always apply to effectively land a job. Applying to over 500 jobs should never be the norm, it simply points out that you may not have a strategy in place, while drafting a quick and efficient path could lead you to success.


  • 00:00 – Context
  • 00:22 – Tech jobs aren’t challenging all days
  • 01:01 – Job listing platforms: Indeed, LinkedIn, Wellfound
  • 01:19 – Pick one job and assess your gaps
  • 03:22 – Rate your profile on a scale from 1 to 100
  • 04:06 – Continuous learning
  • 04:44 – Document and repeat the process with another job

About Orleando Dassi

I'm a Solutions Architect with 10 years of experience who is constantly learning while impacting the community by producing technical articles/videos, building projects, and conducting tech mentoring/coaching sessions. What describes me the most is my flexibility. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.