Important Cloud Computing Concepts in 8 Minutes


Essential concepts to know by all Cloud actors, both technical and non-technical professionals. No matter what you are using the Cloud for, you should consider this video content as a knowledge base to have solid grounds. A video by Orleando Dassi ✅


Detailed examples are included to better grasp all the concepts:

  • 00:00 – The Cloud
  • 00:43 – Agility
  • 02:28 – Elasticity & Scalability
  • 04:02 – Disaster Recovery
  • 05:46 – High Availability
  • 06:08 – Cost Optimization
  • 07:16 – Security

About Orleando Dassi

I'm a Solutions Architect with 10 years of experience who is constantly learning while impacting the community by producing technical articles/videos, building projects, and conducting tech mentoring/coaching sessions. What describes me the most is my flexibility. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.