Lift And Shift Cloud Migration of Spring Boot App Using AWS ElasticBeanstalk | Part 1 | Deployment


This video Migrates a “Spring Boot + MySQL” App to AWS Cloud using ElasticBeanstalk service with no Cloud experience required in only 5 steps. The Lift And Shift (Rehosting) Cloud Migration approach is applied by updating a few configuration files while considering the PAAS model, in which we are only responsible for the App and its data, with the infrastructure and such being handled by the Cloud provider. A video by Orleando Dassi ✅


  • 00:00 – Context
  • 01:10– Lift And Shift Cloud Migration
  • 01:53 – What is ElasticBeanstalk?
  • 03:17 – Demo Context
  • 05:23 – Step 1: Initialize the Project
  • 07:12 – Step 2: Create The Environment
  • 09:24 – Step 3: Deployment Package (build)
  • 11:53 – Step 4: Linking Package with Environment
  • 13:26 – Step 5: Deployment (eb deploy –staged)
  • 16:13 – Conclusion

About Orleando Dassi

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