Lift And Shift Cloud Migration of Spring Boot App Using AWS ElasticBeanstalk | Part 2 | Scalability


This video is about scaling the “Spring Boot + MySQL” App that was previously migrated (Lift and Shift Cloud Migration) using ElasticBeanstalk service with no Cloud experience required. The scaling activities are triggered by watching the average CPU utilization of the whole infrastructure to add or remove EC2 resources accordingly. A video by Orleando Dassi ✅


  • 00:00 – Context
  • 01:04 – Scalability Types
  • 02:47 – Scaling Configurations
  • 03:28 – Scaling From the UI (AWS Console)
  • 06:43 – Scaling From Configuration File
  • 10:33 – Conclusion

About Orleando Dassi

I'm a Solutions Architect with 10 years of experience who is constantly learning while impacting the community by producing technical articles/videos, building projects, and conducting tech mentoring/coaching sessions. What describes me the most is my flexibility. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.